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C.J. Optical is a Christian owned and operated online business

In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth. Gen 1:1

Until this site is up and runnning , check out my EBay or Amazon store, you can purchase there or email info and I will sent you an invoice to purchase through CJOptical.com , Thank You in advance ! EBay & Amazon with Great success

My Name is Rich Arsenault , I have been in the optical business since i was 17 I am now 55 , Im married with three Children my wifes name is Cindy and my children are Caleb, 17, Abby 15 and Luke 12. I started selling on Ebay afer my 1st son was born , it was a slow process , I have since been selling mostly on Ebay and Amazon with steady income from both. I also have a Square Web store that is not as active. You can pay on this sie with PayPal or Square checkout both are very safe and secure. I would love for you to purchase from this personal web store for the obvious reason that both EBay and Amazon charge me a fortune for selling on their sites.
I can't compete with prices from Bulk sellers from China or even the US , since I don't purchase Bulk items ( i have seen some of the same styles I sell which are made very cheaply ) Unfortunatly most products are purchased from China today, My products are not manufactured for the Bulk sales industry. All my vendors supply the Retail Optical Industry in the United States. Which is a higher quality then Bulk or dollar store products. Custome satisfaction and repeat business is my Goal and the reason I can compete with the automated bulk online businesses of today. I enclose a business card size pocket Calendar with all orders I personally pack and inspect before shipping 1st Class USPS or Priority Mail if your order is over 13oz. I have a large percent of repeat customer and some amazing feedback . Customer call me to help with their orders if they are not computer savvy. Some of my Eyeglass cases have been around a long time (pen/pencil or beltloop cases) some of my older and younger customers are familar with cases which are getting harder to find. I sell Sport straps that have been around since the fifties and they still work the best. Like any industry there are also plenty of newer improved and stylish products available that you will also find if you search my products.

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